1974 Volkswagen Thing

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UPDATE: On July 2, 2011 the seller pulled the auction presumably for a sale.

Original Post: For those of you searching for a VW Thing, ah… David P., here is one going at no reserve.  Priced at only $205 bucks for at least the time it takes me to post this and you to read it.  Oops, price just went up.  Surely it’s going to cross your budget barrier but think about the resale value with those hardwood floors, windows that wash themselves and whatever location, location, location you want.

On eBay in Hilton Head Island.

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  1. David P

    It’s already at $4550 Thursday noonish….i predict $7500 or so for the winner, that’s about market!

    This isn’t some Barrett-Jackson VW bus sale, after all. 🙂

  2. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    In the scheme of things, oh crap I just said that, $7500 or a few grand less buys you a lot of exclusivity coming and going. You just don’t see many of these around anymore.

  3. David P

    Dang typos…. I said:

    Well said, sir.

    Did you get what you wanted for the Honda? It looked nice, even to this unqualified lurker.

  4. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    On the Honda, yes I did ok. Not losing my shirt plus a little profit is all I strive to do so my wife puts up with more projects. It’s all about the rotation. Thanks for asking, it gets picked up today.

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