1974 Maserati Merak 3.0L Vintage Celebrity Owned Ozzie and Harriet TV Star

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Now you wouldn’t believe it if I told you but I could run like the wind blows right far away from this one.  I appreciated the write up though.  Straight forward with all the details you need and the paperwork to back everything up. See below.

On eBay in Newport Beach, California for $6,500 Buy it Now or reserved bidding.

This Maserati has been a California car since new and was owned by Skip Young or Wally Plumstead as his character was known on the TV show Ozzie and Harriet from the 1950’s into the 1960’s.  He was on other TV shows and movies, had a radio show and hosted a beauty pageant.  It has been over 20 years since the engine was rebuilt and last started.  The windshield, door panels, seats, top of dash and instruments are missing along with some other trim parts.  What is on the car in the pictures is what there is, no other parts are available.  The parts went missing while sitting in a restoration shop and there is no chance of recovering them.  The body is very straight with the exception of the rear bumper that I just backed into with my truck.  I’ve included a photo of the newly damaged bumper.  I have old DMV papers showing Mr. Young as the previous owner.  Skip was out at a local hang out in Palm Springs that was frequented by “The Rat Pack.”  Dean Martin had one of his Italian cars painted this color and Skip who was a friend was inspired to paint his Maserati this same color sometime back in the 1970’s.  The original color is orange and visible in some places.  The engine and transmission are in the Merak and all other mechanical components appear to be still attached.  All of the body panels fit very well and there is no evidence of any accident damage that I know of or can see.  The Merak is available for inspection with an appointment before the auction ends.  I have a clear California title.  Mileage is unknown since the gauges are missing.”

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