1957 356A Body Shell with the Important Parts Price: $5000

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I have a lot of respect for restoration projects but all you are buying here is a VIN tag.  Is that worth $5 large?   You can read below, the owner hasn’t applied for a title but says “a title is available either thru us or one of the many title agencies.”  If that’s the case, why not get the title and then sell it?  I just find the hoops suspect rather than confident inspiring.  Intrigued still I am… yes, said like Yoda as I wrote it.  

Located in “boring/portland area” on The Samba.

“Heres a pretty rough but very restorable 356A project. Has clean vin tag and stamped number in place as well as an unmolested front axle and rear torsion assembly.

This is a high striker door car and it still has its “B” pillars and correct unmolested dash. To the guys who haven’t seen whats been going on all over the world concerning the correct restorations,this is actually a better car than many running or rolling projects.

What ends up being important on a 356 restoration effort is the elements left on this car. The reassembly panels are now entirely available and smart restorers are realizing that new unrusted sheet metal is the way to go. In fact this car could be one of the best 356s in existence after a proper reassembly of the sheet metal panels on a correctly dimensioned chassis/frame fixture.

This car has a clear vin number but we haven’t applied for the title. A title is available either thru us or one of the many online title agencies.

We can section this car down for palletized shipping if necessary.

We could also offer at an extra cost this chassis mounted to our factory spec frame table and a partial tube frame welded to the front and rear torsion assemblies.
This will ensure a straight and true chassis to begin a restoration or the proper specs to use this chassis’ dimensions to recreate your own fixture. This is where all high level restorations of unibody cars should begin but unfortunately is quite often overlooked.

We ship worldwide.”

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