1973 Porsche 914-6 2.2 Conversion

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Groosh, another 914?  Yes, another 914.  I like them and so does the market right now.  Sports & Exotic Car just featured a ’74 2.0 on the cover and I’m always looking to compare my projects to what’s out there.  
This one is a 2.2 conversion for only $8,000.  He says he’s selling it for cost of parts because of the salvage title but I’m thinking there is solid value here. Check out the description below.  Buy it as is or do a chassis swap.  It would be a great canyon car for sure.  Love the CA blue plates.
On 914World.com in Malibu, California.

“I bought this as an unfinished project a year ago. It was built up on a salvage title shell. On closer inspection it has a new front drivers side corner on it. I finished it up, drove it around the canyons and did a few track days so now is time to move on.

1970 2.2T engine with pressure fed carrera tensioners, very strong running, good compression and oil pressure, rebuilt 40 weber ida’s, firewall mount, velios oil tank, braided oil lines, headers with stock 911 banana muffler, good side shifter trans and clutch.

911 vented brakes all round with an aluminum 911 front crossmember, koni’s all round, front sway bar, braided hoses.

7 and 8 x 15 OG fuchs wheels

The body was originally silver but has been painted black all over and under quite well. Fenders have been gently radiused. There was some hell hole rust when i got it but i welded in a new panel plus a new battery tray and support. No other rust anywhere as its a blue plate CALIFORNIA CAR. I had the targa roof painted smooth black to match the body.

The interior is mostly stock but i added a low pressure oil warning lamp on top of the dash and did an electronic tach upgrade in the OG housing.

As its a salvage title i’ll sell for the parts value of $8000″

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