1981 Porsche 911SC Sunroof Coupe

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This one is a no reserve auction out of Ft. Myers, Florida so it is hard to fault.  But in case I were to fault it, here’s my 411 at the 911.
The description on this car, while only having 88K miles, is all about the cosmetics by some guy who clearly flips cars on eBay.  Maintenance and history sells these cars for more money not cosmetics.  Especially not the gaudy aftermarket cosmetics that bug such as:
• Coke bottle chrome gauge bezzles
• Silver key surround
• Momo type wheel
• Aluminum peddles
• Speaker grilles
• Shift knob made of some type of material
• “911” script from a later model 997
• “Porsche” windshield sticker
• Kenwood stereo probably bought at Walmart with the rest of this crap
All this, yet oddly enough the former owner embraced the 911SC model with floor mats that are off course, aftermarket. 
Is the engine clean and tidy?  Don’t know because that part of the cosmetics wasn’t photographed.  Ooo, and the fact that he points out all the VIN laser engraved glass feature so you know it’s original makes me think the seller is trying to lead you away from accident damage or a repaint.  Like I said, it’s a no reserve auction. 

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