1973 Porsche 914 – $2500 (Elizabethtown)

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“I have a 1973 Porsche 914, that needs to be restored. It has factory A/C. I have about $3000 of parts for the car. Will have to be moved by trailer. I was going to restore myself but to many other projects.”


I found this for sale this morning on Louisville Craigslist, go State! It has a scary amount of rust but I’m curious what the $3000 worth of parts include. It looks to be a 2.0 liter car from the center gauge stack shown plus it has five Fuchs which is nice. The A/C would seem to be an accessory that he bought later for the car because if fitted into the car, the center gauges would be aligned in a triangle instead of up and down in a row to make room for the unit underneath the dash. Lots of value here in the parts but a restoration will not pay. At least not for many many years.

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