Restoration Wednesday, Porsche 928 Brakes

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20150324_172110 20150324_172026Two weeks ago my cell phone went kaput. These two pictures that are blurry and small are from my new LG phone. I’ll have to work on the settings. But what they show are two cars with no wheels. Both my ’78 928 and ’87 S4 need brake work. The rear caliper on Stickers stuck so I took both of them off to have rebuilt by Centric in California. Meanwhile I’ll pull the rotors, have them turned and possibly cad plated before reassembly.

The S4 front left pads were worn to the point of grinding metal on metal sounds. The rotor is shot and as such, I’ve been researching new rotors on Rennlist and Pelican. Looks like Sebro rotors are the recommended OEM replacement. Lots of different opinions on pads. I just want pads for casual driving with the occasional burst of spirit. Looking to have everything back together in a couple weeks time.


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