1972 Porsche 914 – $1200 (Ann Arbor)

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UPDATE: When I picked this up yesterday, he said his phone was ringing off the hook for this car.  I guess some people really wanted it in D-rust-town.  He was a total Porsche guy and had several 911s and 914s over the years.  He currently has a ’79 911SC we 85K on it.  It didn’t hurt the deal that I was a total Porsche guy too.  He took my offer of $900 cash on the spot.

“1972 Porsche 914, 1.7L roller. Solid, clean body perfect for racing or restoration. Engine/side shift trans from 1973 plus original engine. Needs total re-assembly”

Find this in my garage from Craigslist.  Yes, I bought it on Father’s Day because nobody sprang for the red 911 for me.  More to come on Facebook which you can follow in the right column of this blog.

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