1991 Alfa Romeo 164S

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UPDATE: The Buy it Now was tripped the same day for $5,995.

Original Post: When we were in college, my buddy who is a big car guy bought one of these.  We used to take it up north to his cottage in Michigan.  On the small town back roads, we had four people cruising in style and comfort at about 100mph.  The roads were undulated and I commented it’s too bad they weren’t smooth for going so fast.  His reply, “I like being able to feel the speed.  When the roads are smooth we could be doing 140 and it would still feel like 80.”

Here’s to a preserved, well maintained car with only 55,900 miles, all maintenance up to date and the chance to undulate to the rhythm of the roads all over again.

On eBay in Old Bridge, New Jersey for a Buy it Now of $5,995.

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