1972 Honda AZ 600 Truck

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This month in Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car magazine there was a story about the 1967 Honda N600 Serial Number One which got my juices flowing. The first Honda car brought to North America. It was supposed to be crushed. But like so many other preproduction and one-off auto show cars, the junk yard owners took it upon themselves to save or sell on these treasures.

This conversion pickup was originally posted on BarnFinds.com who did a good job exploring more details of the car if you are so inclined. I will simply tell you that in a world of Mike from American Pickers lusting after micro cars, small trucks, cycle cars and scooters – this looks to be a chance at a unique pick. The type of folksy backyard creation that you will likely never find again on a car that continues to gain in popularity in the collector world. Too bad a 4×8 sheet of plywood probably hangs 2 feet off the back.

Find it for sale on eBay in Rockford, Illinois with reserve met and low bidding at $1,009 with a day left.

  1. John

    This sold for $1,035. If you can get it running and keep it running with the current parts, seems like a good deal.

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