1972 BMW 2002Tii

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“I’ve only owned this car for about two weeks and have only driven it about 80 miles. I bought it on eBay and the car wasn’t represented well – it’s too big of project for me to tackle right now.

I think with a bunch of work this could be a really nice car, but I’m just not currently in the market for a project car. I was told it was basically turn-key and ready to win car shows, but in fact, I believe it was only very recently assembled after being painted and has yet to be sorted. And I’ve finished a couple of vintage car restoration projects on my own to understand that really sorting out a car can take more time and effort than I have available.

So, back on the market it goes. My loss is your gain, and I’ll continue to deal with the headache of chasing down the previous owner (Michael Burford of Port St. Lucie, Florida) for fraudulent misrepresentation.

Anyways, enough of my story, on to the car (from bad to good):”

I hate to read stories like this but I’ll assume you didn’t inspect it.

Here it is on eBay.  Links to 169 pictures and a call to detail so at least he’s not misrepresenting it.  I’m not finding the original listing but this was up for $16K Buy it Now and crossed $10K in bidding.  Now it has been relisted, dropped to $12,002 Buy it Now.  Let’s hope someone can make something of this car. 

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