Sports Car Must Go – $1800

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“i have a audi a4 2.8 touring all wheel drive premier addition still has a European license plate holder on the back has new water pump and radiator power steering pump . driver and passenger side axles have been replaced has new racket pinion k@n intake has a hydraulic assisted clutch with b@m clutch timing belt was redone at 160000 it got about 190000 on it now car runs and drives great the does car body does have a few dings and dents cars extremely fast and very fun it parked at a friends I’m moving out of state for a new job and cant have 2 cars at my new place so I need it gone asap my friends called me yesterday and told me the passenger side brake line in dropping I had him get the new line and fluid but have no time to put it on i had the car posted for 2300 I’m willing to do $1800 is my bottom line I i cant go any lower”

More of a sports sedan but it made me look.  I happen to like these cars and would love to rally in the snow or on dirt roads in one.  At this price with clutch and timing belt done it seems like cheap fun.  Not sure what he means by the brake line is dropping.  Did it get tired?  Is it ripe?  Trying to be closer to the road for an unobstructed view?  What?

On Ann Arbor Craigslist.

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