1971 BMW 1600 M20 Swapped Truck

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Even though this was posted on Bring a Trailer, I wanted to take note of it on my blog.  My first car was a burgundy 1974 2002.  Had it looked like this, with or without a pickup bed, I might have kept it.  I’ve always loved that style wheel on these cars. 
On eBay in San Fran with bidding over $11K but the reserve hasn’t been lifted.

“I am selling a truely unique BMW that I have constructed from the tub of a 1600. To set an example for the craftsmanship of the European automotive garage I own, I choose to swap the motor and alter the tub of the car to be a truck; so that it could be used as a work truck. I purchased a pristine, rust free, tub in 1995 without a drive-train. I then sourced a m20b25 with a geartag 5 speed manual transmission and all harness and necessary parts to convert the 1600 into a six cylinder vehicle.
The tub of the car was cut behind the b-pillar and all back seats and trunk were removed, without altering the sub-frame, to make room for a truck bed. Everything has been reenforced, weight jacked for appropriate weight dissension. All sub-frames have been updated and reenforced with delrin bushings and spacers. Front sub-frames are reenforced similar to an e36 m cabrio. A four point bolt in role cage has also been inserted for stability and protection.
The body was put together with careful planing and styling.  The body has turbo flares with countersunk stainless-steel fasteners. The truck bed was crafted from a combination of lead and copper molded sheets then sealed with a rubber compound to protected and style the read shock mounts and surrounding inner fender walls. Stained Australian lace wood surrounds the the entire tub back panels of the cab. The idea to mimic the style of vintage cris craft boats. The interior has been kept almost all stock to maintain its vintage feel. Although e36 m3 vader seats have been fitted to add to the driving experience and lend needed back support. The truck has a personality and attitude of its own. I can easily say that there is nothing like this anywhere else on the road. It is different driving experience to have such a combination of sensations that come from the light-weighted nimbleness, the powerful poise, the openness to atmosphere, with the versatility to carry a load in the back. The pictures just begin to do justice to the incredible machine this truck is. However times change and I am no longer in need for the truck I have had for almost two decades. I hope to find someone who wants to give this car a happy home and continues to love and drive this automobile as I have

M20b25 with 22,000 miles on a rebuilt head
Geartag 260 5 speed manual trans
292 large cam
Larger throttle body
Split Second (in cab air-fuel ratio adjuster)
Cobra mass air flow sensor
Long cone aftermarket air-filter
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Dual Remus titanium ducati exhaust silencers  (stem from dual custom system)
3.45 lsd
Bilstein shocks with lowering springs
Front and back sway bars
Jaguar front big brakes
Euro 15 basket weave wheels (with spacers)
Euro turn signals
Lucas rally headlights
4 point bolt in role cage
2002 fender turbo flare
e36 m vader seats with 4 point harness (trw)
custom overhead console”

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