1961 Porsche 356B Coupe

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About two weeks ago, I finally got the Velocity channel.  I had been watching it at my father-in-law’s house on visits to Florida.  It iss a car guy’s channel.  And while I logged some solid hours with Velocity’s programming taking breaks from the pool, one show I never caught was South Beach Classics.  Now that I can catch it, I take a pass on the show.  The owner is a full-of-himself-prick.  Not my type of show.  But he does offer a way of selling cars that is respectable.  It’s not my belief but nonetheless works at making you money; don’t love ’em and caress ’em, buy low and sell high.  
Spot on with this philosophy is our current subject at hand, the 356B up for $16,950 by Gullwing Motor Cars out of New York.  If you know me, you know I love Gullwing’s selection and write of their cars often.  But notice their photos on Hemming Motor News for this vehicle and others.  You will see them staged either outside their shop or clearly where they bought the car as it sat before hauling it east.  Gullwing picks and flips.  The woman who somehow came to sell this rough gem was caught in the top photo.  Gullwing takes the pictures the minute they buy it, posts the car and then returns home.  It costs to carry inventory and the sooner the cars are for sale the sooner there is cash in the pocket.  

At some point, I may take note of this buying and selling philosophy but I’m more of a Chasing Classic Car guy, another Velocity show.  I’ll bring cars and motorcycles back to the garage and do homework on them.  I’ll learn as much as I can and then work to restore, rebuild or rejuvenate without ruining originality.  It costs money and time but I love the work.  In the end, I know more about what I eventually offer for sale and am better educated the next time an opportunity comes around to buy.

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