1970 Plymouth Superbird 440

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Thank you to reader Dana and son Ryan for this submission.  Now that we know about it, what do you do with it?  The owner offers three possible paths to restoration.

“The way I see it there are 3 ways to restore this car.

Option 1,  buy a roadrunner/satellite as a donor car and put all the superbird parts on it.  Quick easy, within a year your driving a 440 6 pack superbird.
Option 2, Restore this body and buy a bunch of replacement panels.  Also quick and easy.
Option 3, which is the right way and the way it should be fixed. Restore the car using its original panels.”


Wow, Option 3.  I don’t care how skilled you are and how original you want to keep the car, rust will have thinned these panels.  Half way through this project you’ll be wondering why option 1 or 2 wasn’t selected. In the end, the market isn’t going to care after a 90+ point restoration if the original steel is underneath the paint when half the steel is gone and there isn’t any paint to begin with.
On eBay for $45,000 Buy it Now or Make Offer.  However with 37 rejected offers, I think it’s safe to say he’s looking for the whole monte for his full of wholes bird.

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