Porsche 914-6 Daytona Winning

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November 17, 2011 – Bidding stalled at $99,200 and did not meet the reserve.

November 13, 2011– One of our Porsche club members has a 914 converted six race car that looks very similar, at least what I could see from below the lift and under a cover.  He built it himself including an incredible motor.  This one below or our PCA member’s car would be an amazing piece of machinery to own.

On eBay with a reserve in Burbank, California.  It looks like they are looking for $125K given the write up.

“Here is the IMSA 24 Hours of Daytona GTU winner in 1980. (Original 914-6 chassis) 1st in class and 5th overall! 

Again how it raced in 1981 at Daytona in yellow and how it raced at Sebring in 1983. The white # 62 is how it won Daytona in 1980. This car has no engine in the car, however it comes with a Great long block, it has a 7R case that has been reworked, a factory RSR crank that is very nice $$$ and factory 2.8 RSR heads that are all matched and not timed out $$$, 2.8 P&C’s that are used and the rest valve cover to cover. Anyway this long block is perfect for this restoration project.

Eligible to run at Le Mans and in Europe.

What a machine, Awesome Vintage racing car. This car was on display and entered at Rennsport 2011.

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