1968 Mini Classic Mini MKll Deseamed MINITEC project

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This auction ended pretty quickly for $8,000 but is still worth a look.  Here’s my scorecard:

Groosh’s Grades:
A    for diserability
C+ for effort
G   for Great Gobs of torque steer.

…”Included in sale is titled 1968 MK2 deseamed shell, fiberglass front end, Minitec MTB Honda motor conversion front subframe,  a factory fresh, new, never run Honda B-18 c5 type R 200hp engine with new limited slip 5 speed transmission, type R intake, P73 ECU, new lightened flywheel and comp clutch. All the glass is good and all the parts are there doors, bumpers, lights and all…” 

Find it sold on eBay in Marina California.

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