porsche 912 project, restore to org. or build to race

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Ummm… yeah, this is my old car.  I stripped it and sold this roller to a parts company in LA.  However the guy selling it here has zero feedback so I’m not sure if this is the parts company or if they unloaded it.  They say “we bought this to build a 2 liter vintage race car. but realized we just plain don’t have the time to do any personal projects.”

Interesting to watch someone else do an unload on it.  I can tell you the floor pans are like Swiss cheese.  They may be “solid” to the kick but they are full of holes.  The back glass was in it before I got rid of it sooooo….

If you need the interior panels, turn signals, headlights, side windows and steering wheel, give me a call!  Hilarious.

Find it here on eBay for $990.

Find it here in my driveway…

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