1968 Chevrolet Corvette

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Booga ooga wooga!  Kinda creepy huh?

“purchased in nov 2008 from seller in fall river ma.  it was an un-hit car until feb 2009 where it got t-boned in my driveway!  hit was hard enough to tweak both rear bumpers, as it was moved into my house.  previous owner was making it into a race car and from the pile of his receipts, he bought a 427 big block from summit in 1988 for $2K.  was numbers matching, but small block has been lost.”

First of all dude that sucks it got t-boned in your own driveway less than six months after you bought it.  But secondly, every car in the world was numbers matching until it wasn’t.  Save us both a little time and write was it does have, k?

On eBay in Barkhamsted, CT with a Buy it Now of $2,500 with some bidding in the lower numbers.

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