1964 bmw ”porche” rare barn find old school project

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I present nothing but the finest in rare and unique projects here at Bring a Blow Torch.  That includes this ultra unique Porsche BMW motorcycle from 1964.   Just when you thought only red necks strap V-8s between their legs, here comes the German equivalent.  I’m having a hard time placing the engine as actual Porsche 356 and not VW… oh wait…. there are like twenty Porsche badges on it.  Dilemma solved.

“for sale 1964 bmw porche conversion .bike has a old porsche conversion on it from the 60’s a real barn find bike has been sitting in side .engine is free but can not get it to fire .have not had time to play with it . the old man that i got it from said that it run’s and he has rode the bike in the past but he had got ill and parked it in the barn . bike look’s in good shape all major part’s are there intact.”

 Find it here on eBay with reserve not met at $1,364 so far.

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