Should It Really Be In The Kitchen?

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That all depends on how much you value your wife.
Let’s be clear, the 1965 Honda Dream 305 is clean and the gas tank is bone dry.  There are no smells coming off of it, it doesn’t drip or get in the way and OMG does it look good.  Yes, I just used “OMG” in a sentence.  God didn’t really play a role in how beautiful it is, so it’s weird that I would offer some sort of credit to him… or her… or it.  OMG is more of a trendy acronym that fits well with my current emotional state.  
Let’s be clear, if I could’ve parked a car in my kitchen instead of a bike, you betcha it would have already been done.  The fact that I pulled this off is do to:
• The bikes small size
• A “pick-your-battles-wife” 
• She secretly likes when people “whoa” at it too
Yet it is still nothing short of a miracle.  Jesus, there I go again.


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  1. Captmike1720

    THAT is awesome!!! Any chance of getting more pictures of this bike? I’m about to start tearing down one of the same year and love some of the ideas used on this bike. Thanks

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