1961 Lotus 18 Formula Junior

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Formula Fords keep seeming to find me.  This one is much more expensive than the others that I’ve featured but it also about 10 years older.

On eBay in Cochranville, PA for $55,000 Buy it Now.

“The 18, introduced for the 1960 FJ season, was the first mid-engined car built by Lotus it was one of the most successful models of is time.

A Cosworth Ford 105E four-cylinder engine, rebuilt by the lotus experts at Dave Bean Engineering, powers this car. A four-speed Hewland MK6 racing gearbox is currently fitted to the car and is available in addition to the original Renault 318 four-speed box. The car has recently been mechanically sorted, and also received fresh paint and a new interior. Additionally, new Alfin drum brakes have been fitted on all four corners. For the past five years the car has participated with the Vintage Sports Car Club of America.

The car is extremely light, simple, and handles remarkably well, making it a great car for beginner and expert racers alike.”

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