1963 Nethercutt Trailbreaker MKII pre Rokon

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On eBay for a starting bid of $3,500 in Arlington, Washington.  At end on August 1, 2011 no one took the bike home.

Rokon was founded in Vermont by Orla Larsen in 1963 to sell the Nethercutt Trail-Breaker, a 2-wheel-drive motorcycle invented around 1958 by Charlie Fehn and built in Sylmar, California. In 1964 Rokon Inc. bought the manufacturing rights to the Trail-Breaker and marketed the bikes from their Vermont office before moving the business to New Hampshire, where they continue in business today.

Rokon motorcycles use a combination of belt, chain, and shaft drives coupled to gear boxes to drive both the front and rear wheels. Older machines were powered by a West Bend (US Motor/Chrysler Marine) 820 2-stroke engine (134cc), while newer machines have either a Honda or Kohler engine of about 6hp. The wheels were able to hold gasoline or water for long distance trips.

These are slow-speed off-road motorcycles designed for use in the most rugged terrain. Some are capable of 35mph or more, but typical top speed is about 20 mph. Current models are the Trail-Breaker, Ranger and Scout. However, going up very steep hills the bike may only travel at 0.5 mph.

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  1. empm

    Groosh, the video is the redneck version of you! He has the trailer and everything. I could see me losing a toe on that front chain if I had one of these. I like the part where he drives up the side of the house. Pretty sure you can do that without the front wheel drive…

  2. BRK NCK

    Every video of this thing has somebody climbing it up a wall or tree.

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