1958 Porsche 356 Coupe California Original Floors

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“Aquamarine blue. All new parts in boxes.

New rubber for the entire car. All new chrome trim, sisal mats, new interior, carpet, door cards, headliner, SWF tail lights, replacement drivers side door, and much more.

Nice dry car. Original floors are not soft or rusty. No front or rear accidents on the vehicle.
Drivers side accident shows door replacement at some time pre 1981. All glass and chrome trim included. Engine is basket case. Inquire for more details. Extracted from a 70s style barn, so still not cleaned up.
Would need two new rockers and probably better doors to make it right. Odd accidents on both rockers left and right. New rockers are included.
Lights and misc parts in boxes.
Original floor cars are seldom found. This is an easy restoration. Expect to replace generic consumables.”

Generic consumables?  What like gas and oil?  Or the stuff the mice ate.

Found this on TheSamba for $25,000. 

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