Restoration Wednesday

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Time to get the red out.  As much as I hate red cars, I do love silver accented with red.  Putting on the fiberglass front bumper really dictated that the back be balanced out with red.  I bought this fiberglass flared bumper along with the ’66 door window rails and thought they’d end up in the basement shop.  In fact, that’s where they were going as I walked by the 911 in the garage.  I was practically holding the bumper next to the car and thought, eh, let’s give it a go.

The old bumper came off without a hitch, can’t say the same for the rust pieces in my eye.  I laid out underneath the car while knocking the bolts with a hammer after shooting them with PB Blaster.  I always wear glasses just not safety goggles.  Lots of crap fell off the car and some pieces go stuck in my eye.  Yesterday, on the urging of my wife, I went to the doc and she pulled out four pieces that went straight in and in her words “would continue to oxidize” if she didn’t get them out.  Fear not, I can see fine.  But let me tell you, that eyeball is a sensitive one it is.

Once the bumper was on the car, I trimmed the exhaust port and flared wheel well areas with a grinder.  Now I’m in the process of installing a back plate to cover the opening below the deck lid.  I was going to put in the classic “Porsche” red reflector plate across the… as if!  Please.  

Finally, the clutch has been reset with the help of my friend Keith.  The man has got a scary amount of knowledge regarding these P cars.  You can see in the picture that someone had put zip ties to hold the cable inside the bracket.  However, on our working trial the cable doesn’t move outside the bracket so I’m not sure why those were there and removed them.  Originally, I thought they were the source of my problems.  But I’m pretty certain the cable got reset after I removed the foot board inside the cab and pressed the pedals down.   Now I have the proper 3/4″ cable travel which can go up to almost an inch.  But with an old clutch we elected to keep the travel to the minimum.  


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  1. PBW

    Another interesting episode. I got metal into my eye when hammering off a Sprite brake drum when I was about 19 and thought nothing of it. About 8 years later when the metal had dissolved, I got glaucoma which severed the optic nerve and no sight in that eye since. I keep my hope up on stem cell regeneration. You did the right thing.

  2. Mike Graf

    Sorry about the eye and all, but ah, what are you going to do with that extra flare around the wheel-well… leave it to help braking… or maybe hook it around a tree for better cornering.

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