1957 MGA Coupe

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“This car just completed a fresh frame off resto from New Borne Classics in Miami, I purchased the car and it ran perfect, i took off the original carbs and installed a new set (not rebuilt( of SUs from Moss Motors,  also did some extra chroming and powder coating including exhaust manifold washers,  radiator clamps etc.  the carbs are just sitting on the engine as of now due to just getting things out of chrome shop,  no time to finish,  working on my 47 TC,  it needs to have a new front exhaust pipe as i had to cut the old off to remove carbs and manifold,  original air filter housings have been chromed with fram filters,  interior completely redone as well,doors might need a little fine tuning as the window frame touches as door closes,    Have complete book with resto pics from start to finish,  Numbers matcg,   car is beautiful and show ready with just a few small items to complete as described above,  priced low for this reason,  comes with $400.00 silk with flannel underside cover  cant afford to finish,  to many MGs,  can deliver locally”

I’m confused why a fresh frame off restoration would need to be cut apart to update the carburetors but I guess if this guy owns “to many” MGs he must know a think or two: like how to be impatient and how to spend extra money on parts you didn’t need. 
I love the coupes.

On eBay in Magnolia, Texas for $19,000 Buy it Now.

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