1972 Suzuki RV90J

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“I have had this Suzuki for a little over a year with the intent of restoreing it. Many new projects keep pushing it further and further back in my garage and it’s now time to let it go. I rode the bike around the neighborhood a couple of times, shifts great and the oil pump is hooked up and working, but never bought a battery or licensed it. I have no idea if the lights or horn work as they will not work without the battery. Looks good and includes the original tire pump. When was the last time you even saw one? Also included is an original Suzuki RV90 Service Manual.”

He’s asks the truth.  I’ve never seen one and I dig it.  Too bad I’m fresh outta room for another trail bike because having this one along with a Honda Trail CT70 would be a cool collection.  I love the powder blue color and fat tires.  And it comes with the original tire pump.  Love original stuff.

On eBay in Peoria, IL for a starting bid of $500.

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