1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider,All Original, Numbers Matching, Project

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I would suspect the owner is looking for $15,000 plus for this Amesbury, Mass project on eBay.  He’s starting reserved bidding at $10K.  He’s right is saying it is eligible for about any race worldwide, just don’t think you are going to be accepted to every worldwide race.  There’s a little thing called exclusivity and uniqueness they look for in the application process.  Plus entrance fees can run almost the cost of this car.  I do like the potential though…

“1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider in need of restoration. I have been storing the car for 28 years. The motor turns over and will start with a little work. The Alfa Museum confirms that the car was built as a Giulietta Spider on June 14th 1957 and sold to Hoffman Motor Car Co., 18th July 1957. They also confirm that it has the original, matching numbered engine #1315.42109 and car was originally red. The hood plate confirms this.”

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