1952 Nimbus 750

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Here’s a Nimbus that was taken apart for restoration and never returned to the block. About 12,000 of these bikes were made with an estimated two thirds still around.  Many went to the Danish military and postal service until the basic same design, launched in 1934, fell short of “modern” performance by the late 50’s.  
A no reserve auction starting at $25 bucks will set market price in nine days.  Finish the bike and a few bumps later you could be hauling the mail.

“1952 Nimbus 750 4 Cylinder a very rare Motorcycle made in Denmark. It was all complete & running 10 years ago when I decided to restore it. We took it all down blasted & primed the frame. I had the tank Chromed + lower legs & other stuff Chromed all to a total price $ 1800.- in Chrome. The bike was running back then, & I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to get her started again. I realized here lately due to Health problems & too many other project that I probably wont get to finish this one anytime soon. I have most of the stuff except for maybe some nuts & bolts, but every part for this bike is still available in NOS parts at very fair prices. I wanted to put new rims on it that’s why I cut the spokes, what you see on the pictures is what you get. This bike was ahead of its time with 4 cyl overhead cam & exposed springs & rockers, shaft drive & a very unique set of handle bars.”

A breakdown from the Wiki

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