1970 Porsche 914 Chevrolet 283 V8 Renegade

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A very tidy conversion with a completely reasonable, if not a steal of a starting bid, $5,000 on eBay in midwest Michigan.  He wants it sold.  Tons of detail in the description from the owner who converted it to a Chevy 283 V8 and has owned it since 1996.

Only two downsides as we can see it, is the fiberglass over steel flares which don’t hold up well to the stress.  The owner disclaims rivet pop but doesn’t offer pictures.  Call it patina.  Plus the 901 transmission won’t hold much abuse but “The stock transaxle out of the 914 is perfectly usable in a V8 application. However, it will withstand only about 300-hp and 300 ft. lbs. of torque. (Note: Don’t use first gear!) Also, the trans will probably not last long under abusive driving conditions.” — Renegade’s website.  They will rebuild this tranny with taller gears and block off first for $2,450 but to get 450hp strength, you need to go with a 915.

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