1927 Ford Model T Roadster

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“You are bidding on my 1927 Ford Track T Roadster. I have had many cars over the years from muscle cars, sport cars, and currently have four hot rods. I can honestly say that none of them have performed and been as much fun to drive as this car. It was computer designed and totally built by a mechanical engineer friend. Frame and suspension were designed with performance as a top priority. Has large Wilwood disc brakes on all four wheels, wide tires, 350 Chevy crate motor coupled to a 4 speed Muncie trans, which is shifted between your legs (sounds uncomfortable but is not at all). Power is transferred to a 9 inch Ford triangulated rear end. Built with many race car parts including power rack and pinon steering.  Body is glass, has nice race car steering wheel, and all Stewart Warner gauges. Car has no top, no doors, no radio and everything in it is for performance. That being said my wife and I drove it over 2000 miles on a trip to Canada and loved it, it is really quite comfortable. It has incredible acceleration coupled with the handling of a Porsche Carrera. I just had the car painted with flat black paint, not primer, with gloss black rims. Car runs and drives great, no problems, no issues. Car is currently registered and is sold with a clear New Hampshire title.  I will be seventy years old shortly and getting in and out is not as easy as it once was. This car draws attention wherever I go wether it is a local cruise night or a national gathering.”

I’ve always liked the old T Roadsters.  Something about their simplicity yet sporty nature that rose up from a golden age of assembly line lemmings.  I’d love to plow one through the dirt roads of Michigan.

This one veers sharply from originality with fiberglass, custom suspension and crate Chevy motor but as an overall design package, it delivers.  It has the right look and the right reason for sale.

On eBay in Durham, New Hampshire for a $5,000 reserved start.

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