Why Do Product Guys Always Have Mustaches?

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The mustache, worn by only one man successfully, is the anomaly that most woman never want to see but all men secretly desire they could pull off. Come on admit it, you’ve wanted to try it at least once. But something like style or wanting to date or fear of your friends having a field day kept you in reality. But what I don’t get is why do car product guys always seem to sport the stache? Are they in a club?

We were driving up the 405 the other day and passed two cloaked cars, clearly waiting for spy photographers. I couldn’t really tell what they were but two things were obvious. They were from Michigan and were driven by product guys. Both guys could have been cousins. I turned to the wife and asked why the mustache? Nothing of value came to mind… flavor savor, keeping out the floral carbons, one last hope at driving in Hawaii on borrowed time and in a Ferrari? Not sure. How did we know the cars were from Michigan. Big huge rust spots… no no no. They had Michigan plates. Sorry my spy techniques couldn’t see through tall buildings.

  1. EMPM, Esq.

    Why do product guys have ‘staches? Same reason porn stars do: chicks dig ’em.

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