Who Decided to Go All PC on Guinness?

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The Ferrari “world record” story got me thinking, what ever happened to the good ol’ days of driving fast for no good reason to make a Guinness world record? Or for that matter driving fast after having a few Guinness’s. Don’t answer the latter, I think I know the answer to that one. Whoo, whoooooo. That’s me making siren noises. Anyway, here’s the correct answer.

“…for driving between two points in the least amount of time, or covering the greatest distance in a motor vehicle in a set time? Records for driving between two cities, across continents, around countries, around the world etc. in the least amount of time are essentially races against the clock. You will understand that we simply cannot endorse records that encourage driving at ever-increasing speeds on public roads. For this reason we no longer recognize any records that involve driving against the clock on public roads in motorised vehicles of any kind (this includes motorcycles, and vehicles with a theoretical upper speed limit).”

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