What Chris Wants for X-Mas

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Thanks to our reader Chris for this forward. Forza Motorsport 3 for Xbox with Multiscreen views at Nurburgring is killer. It reminds me of the arcade stunt driving game that we used to play up at State. It had three screens as well with loops, jumps and a shadow car. Much time and coinage wasted on that game… along with my brain that seemed to always drive better wasted after a night at the bars.

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  1. wetnoodle

    Looks awesome. Wonder how hard it is to play though. Sometimes those games are very tough to steer unless have steering wheel.
    Could play that for hours like you did on the Playstation game once if you remember the race you did.

  2. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Here is something for one of you to invent.
    Earned911 recommended to me:

    The one thing that is always lacking is the true sense of speed on your body… so, take a racing suit, fit it with strategically located air bladders and hook it up. If you can use the bladders to increase and decrease pressure on key body parts then you can get the sensation that you are really in a car. This could simulate G-Forces as you accelerate, take turns and hit the brakes.

  3. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Chris replies:

    G-suits? Forget that. My 5 year old pushes on my chest for acceleration and smacks the right side of my head in right handers, and my 7 year old pulls my nose from the front to simulate deceleration and sucker punches me on the left temple for left handers. I get the whole family involved. My wife is usually waving a white flag.

    Earned911, you need to have another kid to get the fore, aft, and lateral acceleration correct for simulation racing games.

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