Tootsie Dealer Gets It In Writing

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 So the dealer we bought from sent me a survey.  Here’s what I told them…

“Still felt the typical sales pressure to get the deal done and typical bait and switch tactics.  Once we determined I needed to order the color combination we wanted, your sales manager told Kevin (our sales guy) to “come in as soon as possible because we should be able to change a car already in the system to match your needs.”  I came in by the Monday as requested to make this deadline and Kevin was taken back, almost like he forgot that part of the offer… “ah, yeah no it’s too late for that.” 

On actual purchase two months later, the sales manager seemed to forget the 3.9% finance rate he quoted me on the phone two days earlier and only offered me 4.9% at the dealership.  He already knew on the phone our credit score was 800+ so there was no excuse. 

Third, the purchase price we agreed to was arbitrarily increased by $800 dollars.  I had to pull out the email from Kevin to show the agreed upon price in writing.  The room became so heated that my wife left.  Once the sales manager returned to the room the 2nd or 3rd time, he said “we’ll just honor that price, it’s the right thing to do.”   You think??  You mean you will honor the deal we agreed to in WRITING?  Thanks.

Finally, we signed the initial deal paperwork but by the time we signed the contract, the agreed upon sales SIGNED price had been increased by $100.  I had to call back, they admitted the “error” and offered to correct it or give us free gas or parts.

Look, I expect nothing less then dealerships and sales personal trying to screw people.  Kevin our sales guy was great, your sales managers on the other hand were pretending they were still selling VWs from 30 years ago.   They used practiced tactics that pushed 1982 Vanagons to unsuspecting post hippies.  Pretty sad.”

And they wonder why they have problems selling cars.

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