The Too Good to be True

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Saw this on Monday morning in Arkansas.  I was the first caller at 8AM.  The post went up at 4:20AM that morning.  And no, the guy wasn’t celebrating “tea time” while deciding to drive half the Porsche community crazy.  
Sure, it has high miles but it also about $4-5K under market on a bad day.  I spoke to Wayne who was selling the car for a client.  She was 70, her husband died three years prior and she simply wanted the car gone.  
“Who set the price?” I asked. 
“She did”.  
Why Wayne didn’t buy it himself was top of mind with friends.  Maybe because he is in the business and didn’t want to profit from a customer, I thought.  Turns out, he is 3rd generation shop owner and has 140 cars spread over 13 acres and a storage facility.  “I didn’t really need another one” said Wayne.
Wayne took the ad down, went to the lady’s house took additional photos and told me she would be calling me to confirm the sale.  My phone never rang.  Today I learned she sold the car to her nephew and never even gave Wayne a courtesy call to let him know it happened.
Wayne was extremely apologetic and equally frustrated with the lady.  He now is going to look into his inventory for me.  Quote “We’ve got lots of 911s Paul.”
“1984 Porsche 911 – Non Turbo – Targa Top – Runs Great – 180,000 miles – $6500.00 or best offer. (501) 612-8510”

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