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The Monterey Historic Automobile Races will include a debut lap or two of the prototype Fisker Karma plug-hybrid sedan. Fisker’s milestone dash from drawing-to-doorstep was the product of some non ego driven thinking. Don’t build a factory with huge overhead. Instead, farm out production to those who already build cars while keeping strategic thinking in house.

The Karma will be built on a contract basis by the Finnish company, Valmet, who proved itself as a contract builder with the Porsche Boxster and Cayman. The Karma will drive up to 50 miles on a charge but then use an on-board generator powered by a 2.0 liter 260-hp Ecotec General Motors engine. It should hit 60 in under six and will pull about $87,900 duckets from your dockers.

Karma is a powerful word to name a car, just ask Earl… you know from the hit NBC show. When you buy and drive this car, plan on getting some pretty special things that won’t be listed in the manual.

• Flat tires will be replaced by Bill Murry — like in Groundhog’s Day.
• The windows will never get dirty, so New York pan handlers can stick it.
• Police escort when you speed.
• No, no, better yet cops will simply smile and say “oh… that silly Karma is at it again.”
• Front row parking is yours at every valet stand.
• You get all the money from tip jars that say “good for karma” on them.
• Traffic parts like the red sea in front of you, then closes back up on the jackass who cut you off.
• The Karma takes video, writes down the license plate and reports to the police when someone door dings your car. Depending how bad it is, it will open a door and jack them back before healing itself.

• It automatically seeks out the music you want to listen to if you hold the steering wheel in a Spock like grip.

• Lemonade stands everywhere, crackerjack bands fill the air and there you are happy landing on a chocolate bar!

Fisker is now taking deposits.

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  1. EMPM, Esq

    I don’t think I have ever seen a view of the front of the Karma before, only side views. I really like it. If I was shopping that price range for a sedan, I would have to seriously consider it, although I would have to buy it new because I don’t really trust a used hybrid. Something about several thousands of dollars of non-warrantied batteries that just doesn’t seem like a good thing to buy used.

    So, Groosh, if you were spending $90k large for a sedan, what’s on your short list? Let’s say only 3 years old or less, new or used. Here’s mine: this, M5, XF-R, E63, and Quattroporte (used). For me, it would be a hard choice between the 5. How about you “loan” me $90k and we go do some test drives?

  2. Tom

    Definitely a M5 would be on the list. My old boss in Chicago had one and it was sweet. Probably have same list as you Ern..maybe add a S8 to the list as well.

  3. EMPM, Esq

    Ahh, yes. Can’t forget the Audis. Anything with an S or RS next to a number will suffice.

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