The Ad Business and Faked Cars

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The ad business is a funny place.  Going on a shoot usually meant paid vacation for the client, brutal hours for the production & creative folks and a continued loss of understanding why anybody needs agency account executives.  However, by the time these groups reach 30 to 35 years old, they have passed the buck to the younger go-getters so they can sleep through the 4AM call time for magic hour.

Now a days, there’s not much of a buck to pass.  No longer is there a scout trip, travel to glorious locations, per diem for wrap dinners and long hours on the set… let alone photo equipment, 1st ADs, producers, craft services, etc.  Cars are built in 3D models (CGI), lit, retouched and edited without ever leaving the studio.  Advantage to this cost saving measure?  Sure thing.  Chance to forget somebody actually needs to drive the car when pulling a bitchin’ burnout?  You betcha…  Probably the account executive’s fault.

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  1. MaseD

    Nice catch… even better to know you haven’t lost your detailed eagle-eye skills for this type of work! Perhaps this is part of the Stanford University driverless remote control project…? You know they have driver park assist now a days. This could be something in development to get the assholes off the road as well.

  2. EMPM, Esq

    Is this just Lexus one-upping their Toyota brethren by not actually even needing a driver for their unintended acceleration?

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