Tanner Foust Drifting On Mulholland Highway

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Not sure who decided they wanted to buy a Scion after seeing this, but regardless it makes for lots of entertainment. Especially if you have driven that stretch of Mulholland Highway which I am proud to say I have, just like the guy in the film.

Yeah, the guy in the film who was the scout that found this stretch of highway, now holding up court under trees in the fifth hairpin with the walkie-talkie.  He was quoted as saying, “Holy fri-moly, gots to get me a rolly polly, no way I could do that even if I was smoking a telephone polly.”

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  1. wetnoodle

    It’s cool but I am just not a huge fan of the whole drifting stuff.
    I’d rather watch the Ken Block video in the airfield (or whatever that was)

  2. EMPM, Esq

    Wow, it’s amazing the drifting he can do with a front wheel drive Scion. He even gets the rear tires to smoke!

    This should appeal to the NASCAR crowd who also like their race cars to have absolutely nothing in common with their production counterparts.

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