Sloppy Seconds Drive! Cadillac CTS Wagon Part 1

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When Cadillac signed up to run the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the LMP 900 Northstar almost a decade ago, I thought finally somebody gets it. The majority of collector cars are grounded in racing heritage while autos are always tested on the track. Heck, the entire industry was born out of racing. And, dare I say it, win on Sunday sell on Monday. There I said it.

To relaunch a brand with 100 plus years of heritage so a Podunk foreign-loving, self-proclaimed car guy raises his brow, best go racing. The results? Aside from a bankrupt parent, is the Cadillac V-Series. The 2009 CTS-V achieved a lap time of 7:59.32 at the famed Nürburgring Nordschleife, which is the fastest documented time for a production sedan on factory tires. You couldn’t do that on the first iteration of the V, where the V should of been a U for ulmost got it. But twice is nice. The styling of the latest CTS is aggressive, dominating and sexy, in an square jawline kinda way vs. a booyah backside, gotta smack it, kinda way. I like it. Which is why I was immediately drawn to the wagon.

To be continued tomorrow…

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