SCCA Spec Miata or ITA race car – $9375 (Ann Arbor)

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Seems like a reasonable price for a spec Miata with a new engine.  The trailer presents an interesting challenge though.  If you don’t want to hook up a tow hitch to the back of your car, how do you get your race wheels to the track?  I’ve had this discussion many times of the years with friend and reader Mike.  He came up with a proper solution, the KargoSled.  It uses you existing roof rack to provide a cozy and secure spot for your wheels.  Hey Mike, look I plugged the sled!  It might be the first time but won’t be the last time I plug it.

Miata has a good write up on Craigslist Ann Arbor.

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  1. Mike G

    …the commision check is in the mail. Thanks.
    I actually looked at what could be done for a Miata, but not much you can do with their solid roofs. But the trailer works, the only issue is that it adds weight to the rearend…forcing you to remove the hitch or deal with the added weight.
    I appreciate the plug, maybe some of your readers can give feedback on the KargoSled.

  2. Groosh

    Well, I for one think you have paid attention to every detail and made an outstanding product. But let me do a post separately on it and see if we can stir some thoughts.

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