Sale or Trade Project….CRX V6 – $400 (Caldwell)

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Shoehorned a V6 into a CRX then stepped back to admire his work and saw a beat up CRX with a V6 in it.  Next.

“No time to finish this project. I had started this swap a couple yrs ago but since I had to move out of my shop I havent been able to work on it. Yes it fits, it as a J30A1 V6 out of a 2000 Honda Accord and it is mated to a 5speed trans from a 1987 Acura legend. New clutch and starter, engine includes wiring and ECU. Just needs permanent mounts made, axle shaftts shortened and resplined, radiator mounted, and engine wired up. The body is in decent shape needs new fenders and grill.”

Find it here in Houston on Craigslist.

  1. BRK NCK

    200 hp pushing about 2000 pounds, not a bad formula if you could get it to work.

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