Restoration Wednesday – Work Continues the 2.0 Motor Is In

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There has been a good part of every weekend and many nights since my last Restoration Wednesday post in July dedicated to working on this car. So much time in fact that instead of writing about it, or other cars in the market, I’m either wrenching or researching. What I can tell you, the motor is in and running. Yay. Not an easy or fun feat. I had to drag it and tranny across the ground on a plastic tray under the car on jack stands. Once in position I used scissor jacks to get the assembly off the ground enough to balance it on my floor jack before cranking it up into its perch.  Good news, once connected it fired right up. But after many hours trying to relieve it of a high idle including getting the auxiliary air regulator unstuck by soaking it in Marvel Mystery Oil, I’ve turned my attention to putting the body and interior together.

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