Restoration Wednesday – Suppose I Should Read the Directions First

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The thing is… I always read the directions. I’ll buy a toaster and still flip through the instructions to make sure I don’t miss something. That’s why my adventures-in-babysitting fuel gauge problems were all the more frustrating. Over the weekend, I pulled the gauge, checked the internals and then swapped in another fuel gauge to see if I would get a gas level reading. Nope. Last year, I replaced the fuel sender with a brand new one but it made no difference either. The gauge kept reading fill ‘er up. Since my wiring all looked good, I went back to the fuel sender. I must have missed something. Yeah, it was a big yellow sticker over the pin hole in the picture that read:

“You beer-bottle-tapper. You needed to pull this sticker and take out the safety pin that keeps the float in place so it doesn’t get damaged in shipping. That’s why your gauge still read empty — like the inside of your helmet-holder. We couldn’t make the sticker more obvious to a jam-chaser like you but somehow your flap-knockers missed it. And while you’re at it, make sure to remove the sticker residue left behind so it doesn’t gum up your tank or filter.”

See? With a little reading, problem solved.

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  1. Mike

    I’ve known you for years, and your ability to problem solve is just relentless. That logical brain of yours is something kids don’t learn today…I can only image you sitting in front of a TV and not paying any attention to it because your brain is still thinking through the issue… most people just live with a worthless gauge, or pay someone else to do the thinking… Great mind my friend…

    • Groosh

      Thanks Mike! My mind does run. Wait until I write about the 1964 Honda CT90 Trail bike I brought back from the dead. It started with fixing the incorrect wiring that blew out the coil from the previous owner.

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