Restoration Wednesday, Restored Gauges

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In 1974 Porsche de-contented the 914. They formulated appearance package items as optional, offered painted instead of chrome bumpers and changed the gauges from metal button needles to black plastic. The gauge glass was now plastic too. I happen to like metal button gauges and chrome bumpers without tits so this car is getting back dated. I pulled apart an old set of gauges, restored the rings plus cleaned the glass, and used a powder coated gauge surround to complete the swap out. I felt my Edd China taking hold when I pulled out the gauges to reveal a mess of wires. How you ever watched him yank apart the Lotus Espirit interior? Yikes. It a little intimidating knowing you need good notes or good pictures less your oil light blazes your turn signals. I’ve done many one gauge at a time swaps but when you remove the surround, all three measuring sticks need to come out before you can put it back together. Job done. I’m now looking at a ’71 dash which is so much more pleasing to me.

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