Restoration Wednesday, Porsche 928 Slotted Alloys – SOLD

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These Porsche 928 wheels came from my 1987 928 S4. I upgraded to D90s then powder coated these satin white for a unique custom look. The strong alloy wheel makes them a good choice for track cars and can be mounted on 944s, 951s or 928s (you may need spacers for certain models). Maybe they could be used for snow tires? As long as you don’t live in the rust belt. How dare you think of driving these cars in the salt.

• Two (2) ET65 – 7Jx16   Part no. 928.362.115
• Two (2) ET 52.3 – 8Jx16   Part no. 928.362.117
• Manufactured 1986
• Powder coated satin white
• White center caps included
• One 16×8 has some pitting
• One 16×7 has pitting
• The picture of the wavy rim is on a 16×7 without the pitting

There are some wavy spots in the lips and blemishes in the wheels as pictured that were discovered after sandblasting. A satin white finish, as opposed to gloss white, not only looks terrific but also helps hide these imperfections. They do not appear bent on rollout or have any other damage. A beautiful addition to your Porsche.

I have read that extreme heat from racing has been known to cause some paint melt of powder coated wheels around lugs nuts. Check lugs often.

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  1. Paul

    Lovely set of wheels and in far better condition than most you see for sale. I love the location of the pics, not sure I could get away with that, may try one day!

  2. Groosh

    Thanks Paul! Usually I photograph everything just outside the shop in the basement. But when items are clean and like new, I bring them upstairs for a roll on the carpet. Better light and color perspective.

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