Restoration Wednesday, Porsche 914 Headlights

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Black and orange look hella good don’t they? See what I did there? You are a sharp one, you are, for noticing. That’s why I love you reading my blog. What? You flipped from Hella to a slight scold before absorbing my compliment to you because these are not original colors? Yes, these are not original but sooooooo buttons. What I love about restoring parts is that not all of them have to be original. Someone out there will want these Porsche 914 headlight assemblies for their project because they are unique. A little pop of color where there wasn’t one before. The gray ones are slightly more in line with OEM but still a lighter shade than came from the factory. Most of this stuff is hidden anyway. The key is having replacements available if yours are rusted out or you don’t want to pay for new old stock, buy poorly photographed parts or do the work yourself. It takes decent time pulling assemblies from the car, breaking them down, making runs to the powder coater and cad plater – twice – then remembering how they go back together. But it’s time I love when I can sit back and look at beautifully completed parts that would otherwise sit on a shelf looking dirty, rusty and unwanted.

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