Restoration Wednesday, I Finally Become Mr. Plow

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Since we moved to Dexter almost seven years ago, I’ve been shoveling our driveway by hand save for the wonderful times a neighbor comes by and gives it a quick plow via their tractor or ATV. I find shoveling outside peaceful in new fallin’ snow. When you get in a rhythm the exercise is pretty good but my back doesn’t always appreciate the workout. It’s a long driveway.

Consequently I started looking for a 4×4 ATV with a plow on Craigslist. Most of the time I didn’t act soon enough to scoop up a bargain always second guessing the expense. Then I decided to throw out the search to a friend of mine Keith. I was going to trade him some Porsche 914 parts and he seems to have his pulse on motorized stuff for sale. “Yeah, I have one. It’s a heap but it’s yours for $500 bucks.” he said. “Does it run?” I asked. It did and does but it needed some TLC. Lucky for me, I gotta lot of love to give.

So far after towing it home it’s gone through:

  • A wash
  • Find VIN to determine year, it’s a 1997 Polaris Sportsman 500 4×4
  • New starter
  • Removed the 4×4 bumper
  • Installed bracket and electric 2,000 lb. winch for the plow blade
  • Wired the winch
  • Reinstalled the lights
  • Checked tire pressure
  • Changed the oil with synthetic and new filter
  • New ring clamp on the axle boot
  • Welded a support bracket on the plow back
  • Bought a system to rig up the plow to the bottom frame
  • Fired it up and towed the kids around the yard on a sled

The carburetor has been leaking from what seems to be a stuck float valve so I ordered a rebuild kit that hasn’t arrived yet. I pulled the carb and saw evidence of someone being there before me. Four screws on the bottom of the bowl and three of them are non matching. I’m also planning on greasing everything, recovering the seat and adjusting the shift linkage. It also seems to be overheating so I’ll check the thermo switch. Should make for a good runner once done. Thanks Keith!

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