Restoration Wednesday, Brakes Break

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Last week it was brake fluid up my nose. This week, here’s to mud in your eye. Which actually happens a lot when I’m working under a jacked up dirty car. I always wear glasses but my prescription doesn’t work at the optimal closeup range, six inches from my face. So this time I got a plop of brake fluid in my eye after moving my glasses to my forehead for an in-focus look at my slave cylinder. Once the drop of fluid hit the eye, a slight burn took over as I ran to the house and flushed my eye with water. So that happened.

What else happened? I bought a brake line flaring tool and made two hard brake lines. It was surprisingly easy to make them. The trick is getting a long line three quarters the length of the car installed. When they are broken, they come out real easy. Contorting the new back in place, well that takes finesse so you don’t kink the line. Finally after fastening everything I was ready to bleed the system. Cracked the right rear caliper bleeder per before but this time nothing. Not even a pa-nizzle. Cracked every single caliper bleeder on the entire car, nothing. Turns out all the rubber lines had collapsed. Hence theretofore the new read stainless steel lines that I got on clearance from

Now I’m just waiting for my new slave cylinder to bleed the entire system and it should be off the jack stands for a test drive to see what else doesn’t work.


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