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The weather has been so great in Michigan it’s hard to sit in front of a computer lately. Unless you wake up at 5:45am before everyone else in the house. I would usually hop on the tread mill at this time but I did that yesterday morning. So today, I write about parts. Brake parts. Sebro rotors in blue boxes and ’78 928 calipers shipped to Centric in California in a two day USPS Priority Mail box that basically fell apart. I’m lucky they made it all. The box was water logged and the pieces sorta hanging on for sake of really wanting to get rebuilt. At least that’s my theory.

I’m updating the brakes on both the ’78 928 and ’87 928 S4 with stock replacement parts. The S4 is pretty darn close, if not 99% save for a dent repair in 1988 with receipt, original down to the Blaupunkt stereo and I want to keep in that way. Stickers, my ’78 928, is a tribute to stock when it’s snot. So it will get updated stainless steel brake lines once the rebuilt calipers are returned glorified with freshly turned rotors. The other items I bought were brake fluid. ATE gold for the S4 and ATE something for the ’78. Both the recommended fluids from Pelican Parts. I also picked up a 3/4 inch breaker bar and set of deep socket wrenches for removing axles if the mood ever strikes me.

The sun won’t be up for another half an hour here in southern Michigan but the birds are chirping. Gorgeous day on tap. It might hit 70 degrees while both my cars slumber in the garage. Oh well. They’ll be on-and-poppin’ soon enough so I’m trying not to complain. On December 28, 2014 I was up north driving the old 911 after it rained. And only two and a half months later in Mid-March I took out the S4. There is no snow in the forecast which means no salt. Dare I say this frigid cold winter has culminated into the shortest salted-road time span on record I can remember. Makes me sorry I didn’t order all these parts sooner.

  1. Mike

    Get’n ready to do my ’87 911 brakes too… last track day I finally experienced what it felt like to have brake fad…and then 5% brakes… yikes. My pads finally said “enough is enough”. So my floor will look like yours soon. Enjoy.

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